Valve is Working to Improve Matchmaking in Dota 2, Too Many False Reports May lead to Low Priority

Even after all of Valve’s work to completely change the matchmaking system to Dota 2, it seems like developers are still looking for ways to improve the system after receiving different player impressions.

With Dota 2’s 4th ranked season already underway, this is great news for anyone who has experienced some of the problems that the current matchmaking system has. Valve also said that all the changes they are working on will be ready next week.

The main problems of the new matchmaking system include half-stacked players playing against full-stacked teams, which often leads to very one-sided matches. Valve adjustments will most likely be focused on the reporting system, as it has been the focus of recent updates and still needs some work to do.

Along with players becoming bantered due to their behavior and problems with long wait times for high MMR players, there is also a very serious problem with players who can report who they want without any consequences.

Even if you play well in a match and try to do your best, players on your team who think you played badly can report you for no reason. This has turned Dota 2 into a game where you have to win to get commends and where losses bring multiple reports if you play with casual players.

The most common reports are “Did Not Play Selected Lane” or “Intentionally Feeding” even if these are not true. This damages the player’s behavior score and may lead them to low priority even if they play with friends.

This means that new addition to the system will come that gives different importance to the reporting depending on the situation. Even now a system is used that understands things like deliberate feeding and throwing the game, but now this can be used to allow different reporting commands to be resolved after the game is over.

It is possible that too many reports can damage a player’s behavior score because he/she makes them because the system does not accept them as valid. This would make players think twice before reporting to someone simply because they are irritated.

This is definitely the longest communication Valve and Dota 2 developers have had with the community in a long time, which is a great sign of the game’s performance, especially at the competitive level. Developers constantly talk to players on Reddit and keep them informed of the changes to come.

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