Anthem’s Upcoming Seasonal Event Icetide is Live on the PTS

Public Test Servers are somewhat mandatory to promote upcoming content in video games. Especially in MMORPGs, where players are bound to their character progression. That’s one of the reasons why Electronic Arts and BioWare have decided to raise a PTS for Anthem, in which they’ll add the upcoming seasonal event, Icetide.

Even though Anthem’s player base dwindled, the developers at BioWare are still not giving up on their product as they want to achieve something with it. Previously, the Cataclysm event was escorted with solid feedback from the players, asking the developers to become permanent.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case with Cataclysm, and shortly after, BioWare has confirmed that there will be new upcoming events to settle in the world of Anthem. Therefore, Icetide is the second Seasonal Event which is going allow the players to experience the first look of it.

Icetide Availability on the PTS

The PTS server, including Icetide as a Seasonal Event, will be up during this weekend, starting today until November 11. To jump into the PTS, you will need a separate client that is available on Origin. This client will be listed in every game library that has a copy of Anthem.

The PTS server will have each Javelin unlocked, and players will begin their mission at level 30.

Icetide Features

Anthem’s Icetide will include a whole new Stronghold with timers enabled. That stronghold is Tyrant Mine and will feature score multipliers and global leaderboards upon which players can determine their skill and effectiveness.

There will also be a Time Trial race event that will only be available in Freeplay. Freeplay on the PTS will be quite appealing due to the new Time Trial race event that has a spawn interval of 5 minutes.

Last but not least, just as a reminder, the progress achieved on the PTS won’t carry to the original version of the game. Therefore, do not expect your character to have godly proportions once the PTS is done.

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