DayZ’s Livonia DLC Won’t Release on November 13 But… It’s Coming Soon

As much as the title of this article is unclear that much, I am baffled at this moment. It seems that it was a joke when Xbox 2019 announced the arrival of DayZ’s upcoming DLC, Livonia. The release date is not apparent, and November 13 was probably said metaphorically? Like, what is going on?

The first announcement arrived by Xbox on their official Twitter profile.

Later, DayZ stated it’s a failed tweet, postponing the update for a later period. Check the tweet below that was a response to the tweet posted by Xbox.

Today, as a reminder, DayZ has just told everyone that the Livonia DLC wouldn’t arrive on November 13. Instead, the update is scheduled to arrive soon, without an exact release date, and without a prior announcement. Therefore, it will come out of nowhere.

It is good cooperation between Xbox and DayZ, especially if they try to cover up a maintenance window that requires further polishing of the upcoming DLC. However, so far, there’s nothing else to talk about. We’re just left to wait for the Livonia DLC to arrive at DayZ.

The Livonia DLC consists of a brand new map called Livonia. The DLC is named upon it, and the map is expected to be the only exclusive addition coming within the DLC. There also might be some other news coming to the game, and the amusing part is that everything occurs just as how Bohemia Interactive usually develops DLCs.

Bohemia Interactive hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing new items and weapons, including refreshing traveling options that differ from the ones on Chernarus.

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