Epic Games Finally Adds Search Bar To Cosmetics in Fortnite

Basically, since the launch of Fortnite, the game has been pretty much the same. It may have received new characters and Creative features to ease the work for its creators, but doesn’t necessarily installed some features that could help users to navigate easier. To indulge deeper, we are talking about the inventory full of cosmetics, which becomes tedious to manage and find your favorite skin.

With patch 11.20, Fortnite finally received a search bar above each cosmetic menu. Backblings, Skins, Wraps, Emotes, and every other category will be easier to manage, primarily because of the unique regex options. For example, if you would love to search for favorite skins that were coming from Season 5, you could type “Season 5” in the search bar, and all of the cosmetic items will be filtered out. (Check the image below)

Fortnite Search Bar 11.20

This feature was demanded by any player who had an insane amount of cosmetics in his inventory and couldn’t filter out the next favorite playable skin. Outfits in Fortnite are like God in the real world. If you’re missing an OG skin, you’re pretty much nothing to other player’s eyes.

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