Escape From Tarkov Black Friday Deal With 30% Off The Original Price

Survival shooters are probably the best games for grown-up people or those who want to take a break from the dominating ones in today’s market. As my friends would call it “winter games.” Once they get on the grinding road, they are less likely to stop playing the game, but that’s the purpose of a winter game. The best match for that particle would be Escape From Tarkov, which according to many, it represents multiple genres in one. Survival, FPS Shooter, RPG Shooter… you can even call it a Battle Royale if you want to, even though the game is best described as a First-Person Tactical Shooter.

Therefore, if you’re a fan and have had the enthusiasm for it by watching live streams, let us tell you that Black Friday is on the way. Knowing that Battlestate Games are promoting a coming Black Friday deal, you may consider a decisive maneuver of purchasing the game. Tarkov it’s best to be purchased through the official Escape From Tarkov website, avoiding third-party resellers. Why so? Because the support goes to the developers behind Battlestate Games instead to anyone else, and in return, the buyers get unlimited support.

Battlestate Games have already announced the upcoming discount, with up to 30% off of their beautiful first-person survival shooter. The discount starts on Friday, November 29th, at exactly the following times:

  • Starts: 00:01 MSK / 15:01 CST / 21:01 UTC
  • Ends: Saturday, November 30th at 23:59 MSK / 16:59 CST / 20:59 UTC

What you could do in Tarkov is unlimited. Patch 0.12 and the engine migration have boosted the game quite a lot, together with the hideout feature. For the first time in a while, Tarkov works as intended. Each consecutive update neglects a good amount of issues, polishing the game slowly but surely. Most importantly, the Hideout feature facilitates the grinding aspect of the game, pushing players to scavenge necessary parts for Hideout Upgrades.

Below you can find the official Black Friday discount tweet by Battlestate Games.

Escape From Tarkov comes in different editions. The higher the price, the perkier the version with loot and inventory space. But, just as a reminder, patch 0.12 and the addition of the hideout feature allows standard edition owners to have the same benefits by upgrading the stash. Of course, that may require some time, but at least it serves the justice for those who cannot afford the EoD version of the game.

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