Escape From Tarkov’s Buried Stashes Are Still Being Discovered

With the 0.12 update, not only the game migrated to a more substantial engine, but it also added a couple of new lootable inventories that spice up the mystery. They are hidden stashes that are in the form of a barrel or a concealed pile of planks and do not require any other additional actions. They can be searched just like any other weapon crates or duffle bags, but their location is unknown. They look just like the featured image above, and they are scattered across every map in Escape From Tarkov.

The community is working tirelessly on discovering all of the hidden stashes’ locations across all of the currently available maps. These mysterious barrels can hold any surprise inside of them. For example, goods such as Weapons, Ammo, barter items, and hardware necessary for your hideout is no exception.

Recently, a player has unveiled a good amount of them (if not all), by his own effort. Reddit user by the name m1ksuFI has found seven secret stashes on Customs. The post was published on Reddit, and you can take a look at the locations below.

I mapped Customs’ hidden stashes. This is V1, I’ll update it as more are found. from EscapefromTarkov

Customs is considered as one of the community’s favorite maps, so lurking in these locations may be dangerous. We genuinely believe that there are even more surprises within 0.12 for which every single player wants to discover.

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