Fortnite Adds Harpoon Gun Without Noticing Anyone

Epic Games has surprised most of the Fortnite players with their most recent secret move. The game has received a brand new item without appearing in the news section. In theory, the harpoon gun is a spear gun used in fishing but also vital for other outdoor activities. In Fortnite, they can be used for getting the Victory Royale too.

The harpoon gun was added to Fortnite as players across the globe started discovering it and testing its power. Not only you could fish, but also deal a substantial amount of damage to enemy players. Below you can see the Harpoon Gun in action posted by Hypex on Twitter.

So far, the harpoon gun seems to come in one rarity only.

What do you think about the new harpoon gun added to Fortnite? Would you believe it will speed up the farming process in competitive games? Certain fishes are quite beneficial in the late game, especially the Slurpfish. According to its first look, the gun can be used while turtling as well.

We haven’t had the chance to find one, but if we do, we’ll strive to hook an opponent and dinner ourselves with some sweet fishes.

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