Fortnite: Find the Hidden “T” Letter in the Trick Shot Loading Screen

We’re in the seventh week of Fortnite, as today’s mission will require to complete a set of challenges. Completing most of the challenges will unlock the loading screen for this week, and add an individual task to the mission. That is acquiring the letter that’s hidden within a particular point of interest, a refreshment combined in Chapter 2. To get to that point, you will need to complete at least a couple of the challenges until the most rewarding one unlocks. This week we’re up to the letter “T,” which is the second last letter contained in the word Fortnite.

Although we have the first glimpse of today’s challenges that were posted yesterday, we still do not have a proper confirmation of the same. However, the Loading Screen cannot differ, nor exclude the showcase of the letter that’s hidden within. Luckily, we have the loading screen upon which the T letter can be seen. Check the image below:

Fortnite “T” Location

Now let’s move to the exact location of the T letter, highlighted in the picture above. We’ll have to move to the precise location on Fortnite Island. For that, we’ll create a map image in which we’ll highlight the exact destination.

This would take us to a slightly new location in terms of exploration because not many players are stomping through this terrain daily. But where exactly is the “T” letter? Now, if you look at the minimap, you could barely notice this bridge. It is located just north of Weeping Woods. But, because we’re talking about a vast zone, we’ve created the map image below, pinpointing the location of the bridge.

You can find the bridge very quickly and once you get there, go on the northern side of it. On the ground level, you’ll acquire the “T” and grant yourself a nice Battle Pass Tier reward.

Therefore, we can conclude this guide as successful. Have a beautiful day in Fortnite!

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