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Fortnite: Players Furious Over The Patch Notes Vault

Epic Games wasn’t thinking with a clear head if the Vault of Patch Notes in Fortnite is going to impact the players. Not only them, but the data miners too, and out of this whole situation, Fortnite also notices enormous dips in Twitch viewership and interest as a whole. Even if the players want the patch notes back, too late, they shall receive it.

We know how Epic Games have been battling against leaks throughout the whole Fortnite lifetime. They’ve tried to encrypt a lot of their fresh content, to stray away from the hands of the very well known data miners. Well now, it seems like they’ve finally done it, but for what goal exactly?

Yesterday, the addition of the Harpoon Gun arrived unnoticed with no designated patch notes. Players have tried distinguishing the patch notes on their behalf by exploring the Fortnite island. This mild malfunction could transform into a catastrophe for Epic Games.

A reminiscence already experienced in other entertainment software, too, which proves how impactful this treachery could be for the product itself. There’s not even a single estimation of how popular Fortnite is during these days. Everyone’s hands are cut out of gathering data, which leads to a diminishment of hype and further excitement.

Is this what Epic Games wanted? Is this how the Fortnite destiny will continue to form? Is the end of Fortnite slowly surfacing, leading to a complete player base extinction? We’ll have to wait for a more extended period and see the final reflection.

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