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The Hilarious Fortnite Bug That Turns Players Into Gigantic Flopper Fish Is Still In The Game

Fortnite’s latest 11.11 patch brings us new surprises. Even after a dozen of updates released in Chapter 2, Fortnite still struggles to put a stop to the Flopper Fish BOSS bug. Alongside the patch notes that haven’t been announced by Epic Games in a proper way, we have discovered that the bug is still present. Well, it seems like new mysteries are about to emerge in the Extreme Battle Royale Experience, known as Fortnite.

We would assume that the bug is caused due to player consuming a Flopper fish as we haven’t had the chance to replicate the same. Flopper fishes heal you for 50 health points once consumed, and they became one of the most popular end-game items. We haven’t seen a BOSS Slurp fish yet, but if this occurs with the Flopper, then we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of transcending into a Slurp fish too.

This is certainly not new as it happened in the previous chapter too, where some emotes could transfer you into an enormous block of something. Usually, that transformation was connected to the object contained within the emote.

Can we eat them though? Maybe refill 100 hp once killed, lol? Anyhow, playing the game and encountering the bug brought us a lot of entertainment. We had a blast during the encounter. We didn’t know if we should focus on our fight or just continue laughing.

We’re used to seeing glitches slip into Fortnite and bother its fans for the time being. However, this beauty doesn’t require that big of attention. If I was an Epic Games representative, I would’ve voted for this to remain in the game.

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