Latest Modern Warfare Update Supports 4 Player Queues for Gun Game

No more struggles, you'll sustain your friendship just fine

Modern Warfare is still on a roll with new updates released almost every week since release. First, we had a couple of nerfs on the M4 and the notorious Shotguns such as the 725. Then, the game progressed a bit in content by adding some new game modes and maps. Both in and out, there were included numerous playlist updates destined to improve the gameplay experience.

Before two days, Infinity Ward brought the “Gun Game” game mode, which is one of the fans’ favorite. After its release, only a party of 2 players was eligible for queueing. With today’s update that is far gone as now, it allows four players to party up for the Gun Game mode as a whole. This will allow your friendship to continue, and needless to say, will you separate once again.

Today’s update notes can be found below, as posted on the developer supported, community-run subreddit.


  • Allowing up to 4-player parties in Gun Game
  • Moving FFA to the Filter menu
  • Fixing join in progress for FFA to prevent finding late-progress matches
  • Turning off spawn cameras for Headquarters and Hardpoint


  • Removed infills for both teams when loading into Piccadilly, Search and Destroy
  • Fix for a bug where the thermal optic on the PP19 Bizon would appear white while ADS
  • Fix for the E.O.D. perk not allowing players to hack claymores in FFA
  • Fix for various boosting and out of bounds exploits
  • Fix for laser sights becoming misaligned on the P90 and MP5
  • Special Operations: Minor adjustment to difficulty

Infinity Ward is most definitely not stopping here. Their passionate development has so far excited many fans across the globe. There’s no doubt they’ve broken a couple of records, such as profiting $600 million in the first three days of launch.

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