Pokemon Go How to Find Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni?

Trainers, Team Go Rocket Leaders and their Boss Giovanni are taking over the Pokemon Go world and we must stop them before it’s too late. We must find the TGR Leaders, defeat them and their Pokemon and eventually find and defeat Giovanni.

Team Go Rocket Boss Giovanni is hiding somewhere on the map, and there is a way to find him before he takes over the world and destroys everything good.

So, how to find Giovanni? Let’s take a look at what one must do:

  1. Battle Team Go Rocket Grunts
  2. Collect six Mysterious Components to build the Rocket Radar
  3. Use this Radar to battle TGR Leaders and their Pokemon
  4. Finish the Looming in the Shadows Special Research to receive the Super Rocket Radar
  5. Use the Super Rocket Radar to locate Giovanni
  6. Be careful, some Grunts may pretend to be Giovanni
  7. You will eventually find him and battle him..and again be careful, his team are the Legendary Shadow Birds
  8. Defeat Giovanni and rescue the Legendary Shadow Pokemon

NOTE : Trainers can receive Giovanni Special Research once per calendar month. For example, if you complete your September Giovanni Special Research in mid-October, you’ll receive new Special Research shortly after. If you complete the September Research in mid-September, you’ll need to wait until midnight on October 1st (local time) to receive the Research again.

Good luck and let’s save the world from the evil Team Go Rocket Leaders and Giovanni!

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  1. I’m curious if you need to manually use the Super Rocket Radar in order to locate Giovanni or if it just happens as long as you have it equipped. Also, can Giovanni spawn from a balloon or does it have to be a physical Pokestop? Is there a level requirement to finding Giovanni? I am level 27 and on A Seven-Colored Shadow (5/6) requiring me to find, battle, and defeat the Team GO Rocket Boss. I have been on the quest and had a Super Rocket Radar for a couple weeks now and any time I use it, Candela tells me we scared them off (she once said something about being close and to check again in the morning). Just frustrating that I have no idea if I’m doing something wrong or not.

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