Pokemon Go Rocket Stops and Leaders will Run for a Limited Time per Day

Trainers, the 24/7 availability of Rocket Stops and Leaders is coming to an end and they will be available for a limited time per day.

With the launch of the latest Pokemon Go v0.159.0 update, we have discovered that Niantic and Pokemon Go will be ‘cutting off’ Rocket Stops Leaders and they will no longer be available for 24/7.

According to the code in the latest update, the Rocket Stops Leaders will run for a specific time per day and the running time for Rocket Stops will be different for each day or some days. The Team Go Rocket Stops will not be available from 10 PM until 6 AM. That being said, you can still battle the Grunts and collect the Mysterious Component, but you can’t battle a TGR Leader.

Players are not happy with these changes, as Rocket battles are solo play and there is no reason for them to make a curfew.

Rocket Battles are solo play and they don’t require more players. With that being said, there is no gathering and players are not disturbing anyone at any place.

Some players are finishing work at 1 AM and that was the only time for them to visit a Rocket Stop, but if they implement this change, these people will no longer be able to do another Rocket Battle again.

We would like to hear more from you. Please let us know what do you think regarding this change in the comment section below.

For last, here is the code regarding the Rocket Stops invasion curfews:


availabilityEndMinute”: 1320,
availabilityStartMinute”: 360


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  1. Thats a terrible idea! I tend to play late at night after 10pm alot, due to work schedules/sleep pattern. Tomorrow is a prime example I wont be home until 11:30pm/midnight and would normally stop to play some pogo/do a rocket stop or something before I come home. Theres honestly no reason for this at all.

  2. I’m disabled and I use the game to help get my mind off the pain which usually flairs up during the night.

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