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The Release of Fortnite v11.11 Postponed For Another Day

Postponed or to come in a form of surprise?

Fortnite v11.11 should’ve arrived today, but for unknown reasons, it is being postponed for a later date. The confirmation has come from Fortnite Status Official Twitter Profile. However, Epic Games recently has decided to Vault the patch notes, and this could be very related to the same phenomenon. This has first appeared in Chapter 2, while in Chapter 1, each update was thoroughly detailed.

Some time ago, Epic Games added a new Harpoon Gun in Fortnite, without giving a proper report. There was no entry in the news section, no patch notes. Players within the game just unearthed it. Hopefully, it is not the case with Chapter 2, and the developers will continue reporting the changes and tweaks made within each update, despite if it’s a core or community one.

We expect the update to land tomorrow at the same time at which Epic Games feels comfortable releasing Fortnite updates. Therefore, see you tomorrow at 4 AM ET, 8 AM UTC, for more extended talk.


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