Assassin’s Creed “Ragnarok” Reveal Rumored for February 2020

If you remember, Ubisoft has previously inclined the possibility of the continuation of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. With that, it was estimated that the next expansion would be called Ragnarok, and according to recent rumors, its first reveal will come in February 2020.

No matter how uncertain this situation is, the rumors are still swirling around the internet. The latest discovery for Ragnarok appeared on Reddit, which became the epicenter for rumor creation. Below you can also find the statement within the quote block.

The game was codenamed kingdom but now is called Ragnarok. Release fall 2020 on both old and new gen. Reveal during the playstation event on feb. Viking setting, c. 800 BC. Map includes Scandinavia and a big part of England, including London and Plimouth. Choice between a woman and a man, but there’s no impact on the story, that is the same. Protagonist, woman or male, is called Jora, and become an Assassin during the game. Brotherhood system is back, with recruitable npcs. You can still use a boat to travel on sea, but there’s less naval combat than black flag or Odyssey imo. Story-wise, the game is focused on a revenge quest, with a big part of first civilization story. Realms like asgard or Jottuneim can be visited in the game, mythical beigs such as Odin or Loki play a big part in the story, as well as the Ygdrassil. Game has a present day part but, as much as Origins or Odyssey. It will conclude the present day storyline. gameplay is the same as odyssey, with improved mechanics and further rpg elements

This may be a vast blown-up surprise if the statement reveals to be true. The release window of Ragnarok is somewhere in Fall 2020, which would align the previous release in the franchise.

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