Fortnite Stretch Goals Challenges And How To Complete Them

A new week in Fortnite pretty much starts each Thursday, and with that, a new set of challenges is released to the fans so they could elevate their Battle Pass Tier progress by accomplishing each one of them. For the tenth week of Chapter 2, we’re getting the Stretch Goals challenges, which goals are pretty demanding. However, worry not as we’re here to try and help you accomplish the enigmatic ones with ease.

What’s new in this week is that only the Prestige Challenge that comes at the end is hidden. It will be unlocked to everyone once all of the challenges are completed, so no spoilers, we want to ensure you have a friendly and thorough experience.

Not only that but completing the challenges below will designate an opening to new cosmetics (if you’re not at the highest battle pass level). First of all, let’s take a look at today’s challenges. In the same list below, each challenge will contain a link that will take you to a guide (if the challenge is unclear to that extent and requires guidance).

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Week 10 Challenges

  1. Deal damage to opponents
  2. Achieve Shotgun Specialist or AR Specialist by dealing damage with Shotguns or Assault Rifles
  3. Achieve Pistol Specialist or SMG Specialist by dealing damage with Pistols or SMGs
  4. Achieve Sniper Specialist or Explosive Specialist by dealing damage with Snipers or Explosives
  5. Catch Weapons from fishing spots
  6. Eliminate opponents
  7. Outlast opponents in Solos, Duos or Squads

These challenges are a vital element to the forthcoming live event, and should you be hesitant about completing them may put you in a bit of trouble. Fortnite has always been a challenging game to play. Whether it is a professional or casual style of play, it provides each player with a sustainable amount of fun and gameplay level according to their ranks.

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