Fortnite Winterfest Day 6 Dance at Holiday Trees In Different Named Locations

Where to celebrate Fortnite’s latest festive event and dance in front of different Holiday or Christmas Trees in Different Named Locations in Fortnite? Well, the answer to that is straightforward, as we have all of the locations waiting to be unveiled in this small guide. This challenge is a part of the Winterfest Challenges, more precisely the sixth iteration of it.

As always, most of the guides that require locations to be shown contains an image. To preserve where exactly the Holiday Trees are located, we have made an image showcasing the exact places of each one of the holiday trees scattered across the Fortnite island.

Fortnite Holiday Trees Locations

Below you can find the image:

Just a little reminder. If you found the trees destroyed as you haven’t managed to drop at that location at the right time, you can still manage to dance at their sites. Whether or not they’re physically present, the dance emote will always count towards the challenge completion.

With that said, we have everything covered. Have nice holidays and happy Fortnite sessions!

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