Fortnite’s Risky Reels Bound to Change Very Soon

How exactly will Risky Reels look like in a couple of days?

Knowing Epic Games for their approach to Fortnite and how they tend to change things progressively, or better said through a live event, data miners have discovered something very common to it. Multiple textures that are intended to change the look of Risky Reels have emerged.

Some data miners have managed to overlook the alteration of that particular POI in-game, and have leaked the exact change of Risky Reels and how everything will shape. A video posted by FortTory, a known Fortnite data miner has managed to discover a significant portion of Risky Reels, and how exactly it will develop throughout the near future.

Most probably, Risky Reels will be the epicenter of a Christmas event. Fortnite is known for hosting these sorts of events, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Epic Games wants to replicate a kind of live event that would do the same. Similar to what we had with the Marshmello concert at Pleasant Park.

If you’re interested in seeing how exactly Risky Reels will alter its visuals, take a look at the video below:

Take this with a grain of salt. It is not necessarily a firm proof of what exactly is scheduled in Fortnite, simply because of Epic Games’ recent, secretive approach on every single addition to the game.

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