Fortnite’s Winterfest Definitely Facing a Delay

As we all know, a new seasonal event should’ve arrived in Fortnite today. In the spirit of Christmas, Epic Games is known to implementing these kinds of activities in its most popular BR game, Fortnite. Sadly, even if the event’s destined date arrived, the seasonal event is missing in the game. Not only Epic Games is silent, but data miners have raised their voices too.

According to the feed provided by some popular Fortnite data miners, it seems like Epic Games have changed something in their new data parameters, which previously was holding the exact release date of Winterfest. Hypex has also notified everyone about the date change in a tweet. You can see the tweet below:

Winterfest is most probably not going to release today, as the so-far delay and silence somewhat confirm that. The suppressive maneuver by Epic Games was the removal of the release date, which meant to probably delay the event without providing a proper reason for the cause.

No official information has been given, which further confirms that the delay will occur for a more extended period, and Winterfest may arrive at a later stage (not today). We’re following each Fortnite’s channel, Trello, Twitter, Official page, Reddit, and more, and there hasn’t been anything of value just yet.

Is Epic Games in consideration of releasing a statement regarding the Winterfest delay? We’ll have to wait and see. One thing’s certain, if anything related emerges, we’ll update the article.

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