Half-Life: Alyx May Also Arrive to PSVR at a Later Stage

The next installment of the Half-Life series, Alyx, as announced by Valve, will be exclusively available for various PC VR Headsets. The first discovery of the game has confirmed that it’s a title bound to PC VR without further statements of other possibilities of arrival to other platforms such as PSVR. Well, nothing has been ruled out just yet.

Half-Life: Alyx will support numerous VR Headsets on the PC through SteamVR. Which again, confronts the current market leader at the time being. In that regard, Valve’s choice on platforms still vague. Valve is aware that PSVR users would also love to experience the new Half-Life: Alyx narrative in the best possible way.

Pushsquare has also made an article regarding the Half-Life Alyx and its possibility of seeing it on the PSVR, confirming that the page is unturned, but not broken. Even if Valve is strongly focused on the initial release and it polishes whatever is needed for the matter, PSVR remains a vital option to spread its product. This will enrich the PS fans with a great experience, and Valve won’t bottleneck its product if it becomes mediocrity.

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