Miasma Caves is an Explorative Adventure Leaving Early Access in Q1 2020

A new explorative adventure title is about to leave Early Access and join the gaming Industry. For after a year of release since January 2019, Windy Games has confirmed that Miasma Caves will consider itself for a fully polished game title in Q1 of 2020.

In the press release, the developer transcribes the new features added to the game, such as controller support, unique caves, and general improvements. The game is available to all generations as it has no level of violence that would further separate them into different layers.

You can find the press release below:

In Miasma Caves players will venture into depths unknown as female protagonist Lesath, a Draconid who has decided to reinvigorate her village by taking up the family business of treasure hunting. Venturing into the nearby caves, players will guide Lesath through procedurally generated subterranean systems players will need to be strategic though, as time is not in unlimited supply as the caves contain miasma, a magical and dangerous substance that depletes Lesath’s health over time. In order to ensure they make it out of the cave on time, players will want to make use of resources such as markers, ropes, and torches to help them make their way back before Lesath’s health is depleted.

Hunting treasures will be the central part of the game, which may be the source of a bountiful outcome. The only problem would be the unpleasant AI controller creatures whose mission is to slow the player’s progress as much as possible.

A list of features include:

  • The procedurally generated cave system
  • Uncover and appraise artifacts
  • Upgrade your village to unlock new bonuses and items
  • Diggable terrain
  • Environment based dangers
  • Explore against the clock as your health depletes over time
  • Use markers, ropes, and torches to delve deeper into the cave
  • Interact with townsfolk and learn about the treasures you unearth

If you want to explore and find out more about Miasma Caves, the game is available on Steam as an Early Access title.

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