Players Frustrated By DayZ’s Livonia DLC and Update 1.06

After the deployment of patch 1.06 and the availability of Livonia, the new map based on Arma 3’s Contact expansion, players haven’t started digging the update, at least not yet. In the last hype-building attempt on Twitter, the developers have asked the players for their first experience in Livonia. They’ve hit an enormous roadblock consisting of loads of frustration.

The somewhat promotional message posted by DayZ on which the community responded quite roughly can be found below:

According to the players who have experienced Livonia and update 1.06, this isn’t considered to be a polished product simply because of the issues found within 1.06’s timeline. Speaking of which, it has only been 24 hours since its release. Many haven’t missed the chance to accuse the developer of releasing something that isn’t completely polished yet, as the core game still wears the early access tag.

Lots of player responses were pointing to the Ghosting and Ghost Bullets bug, including the same old desync and inventory issues as a frequent occurrence in the game.

There’s not much for Bohemia Interactive to do but sharpen their focus and extinguish the issues discovered. The negative feedback would most definitely keep on coming throughout their presence.

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