Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure Will Allow Trainers to Feed and Play With Their Favorite Pokemon

The most favorite and long-awaited Buddy Adventure feature in Pokemon GO will become a reality very soon. Expected to release in 2020, trainers will have a sweet taste of what’s called friendship and entangle further paths together. Buddy Adventure aims to strengthen the partnership between Trainers and Pokemon, springing through the thick and thin of each futuristic encounter.

The main idea is to put the favorite Pokemon next to you so that trainers could diminish the strain caused by loneliness. While on a journey, trainers will no longer be alone, as an interactive form of joy will be introduced to Pokemon GO.

Niantic has already discovered the primary purpose of the Buddy Adventure feature, and not only will allow players to play beside their companion but also get the chance to eat together. The more the relationship is strengthened, the more perks you unlock and benefit from them. Once you hit “Ultra Buddy,” the commitment level will grow, and your genuinely favorite Pokemon will direct you to different POIs in your surroundings.

The experience of Buddy Adventure goes beyond the AR experience. You see your buddy on the map. Your Pokémon is growing alongside you. Your Pokémon can help you in Pokémon encounters once you reach a certain Buddy Level, which really makes you feel like your Pokémon is there to help you. It creates a special feeling. You and your buddy have a real partnership.

Exploring the world won’t be an as tedious task to do when accompanied by a real pal, a warrior estimated to shiver through each encounter on your way. The launch of Buddy Adventure develops a reality mode that will allow trainers to take pictures with their favorite Pokemon.

For that to work, players will have to possess a phone that supports Pokemon GO’s AR functionality. Whether it is an ARKit compatible iPhone with iOS 11 or ARCore compatible Android 7.0 or above, those are mandatory to endure a substantial experience with the latest features.

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