Pokemon GO GameMaster File Exposes How To Excite Your Buddy Faster

With the new Buddy Adventure feature in Pokemon GO, trainers are trying to find the best way to accelerate their buddy progress. That could be quickly done with emotion points. Each trainer needs to accumulate 32 Emotion Points to reach mood level 6. This talking is not blatant, as it was provided by another user who the Pokemon GO GameMaster File.

This has appeared on a Reddit Thread and was posted by user TheTraveller, who is seemingly very interested in the Buddy Adventure. His most recent subreddit thread teaches us all how to get a slight and pleasant advantage and excite our buddies in the best and fastest possible way.

There are all lines of code connected to the Buddy Adventure stripped away from the GameMaster file, holding the right variables so that we could know what exactly to do. At first look, all the Buddy Adventure actions are separated into two divisions. One is locked behind a cooldown while the others not. Take a look at it below:

No Cooldown – Give two emotion points:

  • walk 2km with your buddy (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_WALK) – buddy must be on the map
  • open a present (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_OPEN_CONSUMABLES) – unlocks with Great Buddy
  • open a souvenir (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_OPEN_SOUVENIRS) – unlocks with Ultra Buddy
  • visiting a location your buddy has found ( BUDDY_ACTIVITY_ATTRACTIVE_POI) – unlocks with Great Buddy

30-Minute Cooldown:

  • visiting a new location (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_NEW_POIS) – for now: any halo Pokéstop or any gym
  • feed your buddy (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_FEED)
  • play with your buddy (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_PET)
  • take a snapshot of your buddy (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_SNAPSHOT)
  • battling a gym (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_GYM_BATTLE) – with your buddy on the battle party
  • battling in a raid (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_RAID_BATTLE) – with your buddy on the battle party
  • battling a team leader (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_NPC_BATTLE) – with your buddy on the battle party
  • PvP battle (BUDDY_ACTIVITY_PVP_BATTLE) – with your buddy on the battle party

Having this list exposed makes it pretty much self-explanatory and gives you all an insight into how exactly the feature should be used.

A reminder, there’s something called emotion points decay, which somewhat prevents a power mood leveling. Once your Buddy reaches mood level 6, it will stay at that level for some time, making the emotion points expire. This is expected to drop the mood level and put you on the tasks listed above once again.

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