Resident Evil 3’s Development Is Before End, Final Polishing in Power

Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 is making the final steps before it goes golden. Once golden, it means that the game is ready to go through the manufacturing procedure. But to get to that point, Capcom is rushing to make the final adjustments. Resident Evil 3 remastered is on its way, and you should be ready for it.

Capcom’s capitalization from this franchise and the reason to continue working on a new one, in this case, RE3, comes mostly from the success achieved by the RE2 remastered. Anticipation arises as they’re releasing any new statement regarding the process.

If we assume that Resident Evil 3’s development has begun moments after RE2’s success, then we should be close to a closing procedure of Capcom’s upcoming announcement. In an interview made with Famitsu, DualShockers have managed to translate the whole transcript and come to a solid conclusion on RE3’s health of development.

In the interview, Masao Kawada has confirmed that the game will arrive just in time for its scheduled launch date. More precisely, exactly for when it was planned first. The Master Code is almost finalized, putting the company at 90% of the hard work done.

Resident Evil 3 is scheduled to arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3, 2020. Now that we have solid insight, we can take a breath and relax for what’s to come.

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