Starbreeze Reconstructed, PAYDAY in the Focus

Starbreeze has finished the company reconstruction after an eventful year without a certain ending point. Shortly after the decision by Stockholm’s District Court, Starbreeze can now continue the journey of creating new video games, such as PAYDAY. Speaking of which, in the press release today, Payday is also mentioned as their primary focus.

As the press release reads:

Today, we are delighted and proud to announce that we have successfully completed the reconstruction process,” said Mikael Nermark, acting CEO Starbreeze AB. “It has been a toilsome journey for the entire company over the past twelve months, but we are very pleased to have gained the creditors’ confidence and have succeeded in reclassifying the majority of our debts to long-term to be repaid over five years. We have also succeeded in positioning the company in a situation where we can look forward to the future and focus on our core business – to develop games within the PAYDAY-franchise. Together with all our employees, I look forward to reaching a publishing agreement for PAYDAY during the first half of 2020 via the ongoing dialogues we’re currently in, and to develop the game into a worthy sequel to the series together with a respected partner. Our most important brand has great potential to provide the company with a stable foundation for decades to come. I would like to thank our Administrator Lars Söderkvist and the entire team at WSA Lawfirm for the collaboration.

PAYDAY is still the leading brand that Starbreeze wants to cherish. Getting to the bottom of this has undoubtedly made Starbreeze breathe more relaxed, as its primary focus on PAYDAY is a mutual fan-shared point of interest.

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