The First Real Life Pokemon Light Show with Hand Painted Pokemon Decor

Every year we can see houses, streets, yards getting decorated with many Christmas decorations and this year, we probably have the winner of the best Christmas house.

Every decorated yard is beautiful and each one deserves to be admired. But this particular one is definitely the most unusual and we are telling you, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful Christmas view. We promise you that these decorations will take your breath away, especially the ones who are in love with Pokemon.

This magnificent Pokemon Light Show Yard is located in Haltom City, Texas, US. This is the result of the lush fantasy of Wisdom Way Lights.

We got in touch with Wisdom Way Lights representative and he was kind enough to answer our questions.

FGRWhat is Wisdom Way Lights?

Wisdom Way LightsWisdom Way Lights is our Youtube channel name. We actually live on the Street Wisdom Way so we just added the Lights since we do Christmas Lights. I have been doing Lights for about 7 years now.

FGRWhere is it located?

Wisdom Way Lights: The address is 4521 Wisdom Way Haltom City, TX 76117.

FGRIs this the first Pokemon Light Show you’ve done?

Wisdom Way LightsYes this is the first Pokemon Lights show I have done, last year we did a Mario Brother Theme. I have only been doing gaming themes these past 2 years. Before that, it was just music with lights!

FGRWhere did you get the inspiration from?

Wisdom Way LightsMy inspiration comes from a lot of places, but mainly my wife and children. Sounds cheesy but I love to see my little ones excited about seeing the lights. We used to drive around and check out the lights in the area, for example, Grand Prairie and Arlington and then one year we decided to start decorating ourselves. When it came to the gaming theme, it was my 4-year-old son Hector who gave me the idea. Before last year, I would just do Christmas Lights with music. But last year my son was adamant about me doing a Mario Christmas theme and since Mario Christmas decor is very hard to find, I decided to incorporate Mario into the music and show. With the help of my wife, we hand-painted Mario characters and used them as props in the yard, with the Mario/Christmas music mix it brought the whole Mario Brothers Theme to life. So this year we incorporated the same ideas from last year, hand-painted Pokemon Characters for props in the yard along with a mix of Christmas music and Pokemon sound effect and characters.

FGRHow much time did it take to make this wonderful Pokemon Light Show? (see the video below)

Wisdom Way Lights: It took a little over 2 months to get this all put together. The most time-consuming part is the programming of the lights. I normally start at the beginning of Oct, first deciding what music I want to use and how it’s going to be mixed. Then I decided on the layout of the house and where the lights are going to go. Once I have the music and set up complete, I put everything into my computer and began to program the lights. The actual set up of the displays and lights takes about a week and a half. I work from home, so I am fortunate where I can work on lights daily for a couple of hours each day.

FGRWhat time does it start and what time does it end?

Wisdom Way LightsShow runs every day from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM and on Friday and Saturday runs till Midnight (until New Years) and it’s totally free!

Take your Pokeballs and visit the first Pokemon Light Show in Haltom City, Texas and maybe you will bring home your first real-life Pokemon. You never know, your dreams may come true.

For last, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channels and the Pokemon Light Show below.


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Lights is show is up! Running 630pm to 1100pm everyday till New Years! I will post full video in a couple of days! 4521 Wisdom Way Haltom City, TX 76117 #wisdomwaylights #christmaslightshow

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