Winterfest Seasonal Event is coming to Fortnite Tomorrow

Epic Games has just announced the arrival of the winter seasonal event in Fortnite. The updated message of the day hints of the upcoming Winterfest seasonal event coming on December 17. The official MOTD states that this year’s seasonal event will offer new challenges and rewards, in a similar light as the previous winter.

Participating in this event will be easier than ever. By playing the game and accomplishing a free set of challenges, players will be eligible for earning fancy cosmetic outfits, emotes and other rewards.

Winterfest is Coming Soon!

Get ready for Seasonal fun, challenges and free presents.

The challenges will inflict a gameplay spark across the whole community with their unusual requirements. It is expected for them to be slightly different than the ordinary ones found in the Battle Pass, which will probably lead to a diverse spectrum of rewards.

Last year’s 14 days of Fortnite also included a list of intriguing challenges, whose rewards attracted every single Fortnite player to log in at least once and accomplish the most rewarding challenges.

As always, we’ll be here to follow up each of the challenges (if necessary) with proper guides that would help you flow through thick and thin, and get the somewhat mandatory and juicy rewards.

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