Ash has Finally Caught Dragonite after 22 Years

Japanese Pokemon fans now can enjoy a new episode of Season 23. It has been confirmed that the episode was released in Japan, in which Ash is finally catching Dragonite after 22 years.

Let’s explain the episode. Ash encountered Dragonite as a Dragonair, at Dragonite Island. The Pokemon was having trouble flying and also using Dragon Dance. When Ash saw this, he helped Dragonair to learn the use of wings. Together with Pikachu, they succeeded in this. Later, Dragonair sensed that its friends got in trouble, so together with Ash they started searching and learned that Team Rocket captured Dragonite. When Wailord, Team Rocket’s Pokemon, sent Ash away by splashing him, Dragonair immediately evolved into Dragonite and managed to save Ash.

When all of this came to an end, Dragonite wished to stay with Ash.
Dragonite joining the Ash team is a great thing. It will be interesting to see which Pokemon will be joining the team alongside Dragonite.

Our guess is that Ash will now catch the base forms of the Pokemon, for the purposes of balance. He caught a quite powerful Pokemon at the very start of the series. This season introduced the 8th Gen Pokemon to the franchise. As always, the starter Pokemon were introduced first: Scorbunny – Fire type, Grookey – Grass type and Sobble, which is a Water type Pokemon.

The very first season of the series was aired in Japan on TV Tokyo, streaming from April 1st, 1997 up to January 21st, 1999. The first season had the name Pokemon: Indigo League, while the full series is known as Pokemon Monsters.

We can’t wait to see the reaction of Charizard after seeing Dragonite.

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