Battlestate Games Shares EFT’s “Streets of Tarkov” Environment Concept Art

Throughout today’s Escape From Tarkov Livestream, Battlestate Games shared a lot of assets for their upcoming map, Streets of Tarkov. The map concept art showcased on today’s Livestream ignited the beauty of Streets of Tarkov, the forthcoming map in the game. Streets of Tarkov is what appears to be a massive surprise to the fans, and it is among the contestants to carry Tarkov’s success forward.

Nikita, the CEO of BSG, was very clear about the creation of Streets of Tarkov on several occasions. A development rush is the last thing BSG wants, despite fan’s voices pushing through. Streets of Tarkov is what appears to be the most influential map in EFT’s rows. Hence, it is why the developers have taken such a long time to release the first map concept for it.

Rendering, sketches, interior designs, and everything else showcased today was phenomenal. Judging by each following map released in Escape From Tarkov, with Reserve being the current last, we can assume that it can only get better than that. Keep in mind that Reserve should receive additional touches too. As Nikita said, there will be “underworld,” and the already existing tunnels will scatter alongside the map’s surface.

Some of the images may indicate a complete and final map overlay, but what we understood is that the map is still distant from its release date. Whether it is that the next wipe or so, we have to wait and see. In other news, the developer has encouraged the Open-World idea, and it is undoubtedly going to become a thing somewhere in the future. However, the advancement of the Unity engine is one of the necessities for the open-world to become a reality. Being advancing each day, we’re most likely to see the map borders in Escape From Tarkov lifted. It also proves that our desires about the open-world haven’t been wrong, and we’re glad for this shaky but transparent information.

Escape From Tarkov is on a hard roll with its current success. It never stopped snowballing since the very first Twitch Drops event. The game’s popularity is still in an ascending phase, which fashion will most likely continue at the same pace.

Back to Streets of Tarkov, the map is supposed to be huge, and somewhat assign the main warzone of Tarkov. It will include different sized buildings, most probably taller than what we’ve seen so far. It will hold multi-story buildings that will be available to enter, each one granting a precise overview on the battlefield.

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For more Streets of Tarkov art, make sure you visit BSG’s official Escape From Tarkov Forum thread, or just watch the video above. It starts exactly when the reveal of Streets of Tarkov started.

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