Escape From Tarkov Best Graphics Settings – Updated With Patch 0.12

We all know how vital the gameplay in Escape From Tarkov could be. Most of the time, the performance of your raids depends on your in-game performance, including graphics settings, from which you either benefit visually or performance-wise. Everyone is tired of the stutters, or low fps on bigger maps that could be the main culprit for your death. Well, we’re here to help you find the best settings of Tarkov.

After EFT patch 0.12, there were some novel additions in the Graphics settings, such as TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing), and other options players can choose from and set up what they strive for. But, again, when it comes to a game where you either win or lose it all, performance is much more appreciated than just visual bearing.

Escape From Tarkov Best Graphics Settings

In the end, in Tarkov, it’s all about the balance. The balance between performance and visibility is undoubtedly the most important. Having a satisfying amount of FPS, while being able to designate your enemy (a “bush Wookie” or ambient occlusion camouflage master), surely pays out. We have experimented with all the graphics settings on each map, measuring and evaluating both the performance and visibility. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our best EFT settings below:

  • Screen mode: Fullscreen (!important read below!)
  • Vsync – Off (we’re aware that you can avoid the FPS limitation, but it’s not necessary for this game)
  • Texture Quality – High
  • Shadows quality – Low
  • Object LOD Quality – 2
  • Overall visibility – 2000
  • Shadow visibility – 60 (The lightning and shadows in this game need a lot of tweaks. We know Setting it too high will interfere in a given situation, as you may miss a target
  • Antialiasing – FXAA (Particularly because it doesn’t blur the textures and contributes to much clearer eyesight).
  • Resampling – 1x off
  • HBAO – Off
  • SSR – off
  • Anisotropic Filtering – off
  • Sharpness – 1.5 (Default was 0.7. Also, a player preference. Higher setting will probably decrease a bit of FPS, but it still depends on your gaming rig)
  • Lobby FPS Limit – 60
  • Game FPS Limit – 120

There are some pros and cons, and Escape From Tarkov still doesn’t represent the final product, which means further polishing is going to be done, including new content alongside the slew of updates.

The most important thing during patch 0.12 is make sure the game is running at Fullscreen. For some reason, it bugs out, and even if the setting states the game is in Fullscreen, one could make the game go into windowed mode. Therefore, after entering a raid, re-saving the graphics options is a good practice to retain a substantial amount of FPS.


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