Fortnite: Consume an Apple, a Mushroom and a Slurpshroom – Cameo vs. Chic

Fortnite Cameo vs Chic Intensified

While the previous set of challenges did not require any guidance, the latest Cameo vs. Chic mission has plenty of them. In this challenge, we have to consume an Apple, a Mushroom and a Slurpshroom to complete it, so bear with us as we’ll expose the exact locations of these consumables.

As always, we’ll post a picture of the three locations. Starting with Apple, this foraged item is located at the Orchard. This was a challenge in one of the previous Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 week. The location of the fruit remains pretty much the same.

Before consuming the fruit, make sure you’re missing a couple of health points. Taking fall damage is somewhat mandatory if you do not take a fight at the start. Otherwise, you won’t be able to consume it, and it’s one of the essential parts of this guide.  But where are the other two locations you might ask? For that reason, we have made a map of the Fortnite island, pinpointing all of the spawn points of these three consumables.

With the image above, we can conclude this guide as successful. But for clarity, let’s try to explain it. The smallest red circle on the picture marks the Orchard. That’s where the apples are located. They’re scattered across the ground.

The middle-sized circle on the image above showcases the Mushrooms location. They are scattered across the territory of Weeping Woods.

The last item is Slurpshroom. The name speaks for itself, as it can be located within the area of Slurpy Swamp. There are a couple of them inside one of the buildings in the same POI. However, it is easier to run behind and search for the ones on the ground, simply because Slurpy Swamps will be quite dedicated to players this early in the challenges.

Have a nice day in Fortnite!

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