Fortnite Fans and Their “Icon” Skin Concepts of Famous Fortnite Streamers

Whether it is that Valkyrae, Hamlinz or Tfue, the Fortnite Icon series has started something quite intriguing, and the new collaboration has powered the creative side of multiple fans across the globe. After the Fortnite “Ninja” skin, the Pokimane, and Jordan Fisher emote, they’ve started raising their voice on which skin should be coming next. Their most probably in-game creation is quite realistic, and we have to follow Epic Games for their response on the given concepts and whether or not they will arrive at the Fortnite Item Shop.

We have to escort the plans and creations, and for that reason, we have listed some of the skin concepts below, which according to us personally, would be great to join the game. The Battle Royale sensation where building structures is a heavily involved mechanic, is still amongst the living ones, unlike other BR’s who are allegedly lost the fight to the most recent phenomenon, the tactical first-person shooter, Escape From Tarkov.

But back to our main subject, let’s take a look at the most surprising skin concepts made by fans across the globe. Yes, Dr. Lupo is among the ones, too! From Myth to Tfue, from Valkyrae to Lachlan, from Nick Mercs to Hamlin. Even Ariana Grande is amongst the desired ones, also!

Fortnite Fan Skin Concepts

Dr.Lupo by @TheFinalHoss

Tfue by @D3NNI_yt

A bit aggressive on the description there, but the skin would nail it.

Our Favorite, Valkyrae by @ZenofyMedia

Her look is fresh, and it comes in three different styles, so kudos to this fan for creating this Valkyrae skin concept. Valkyrae is no stranger at all, and she’s a part of 100 Thieves. Just… fresh.

TSM Myth by @easkateconcepts

Hamlinz by @EvadeCosmic

Thank god it’s not one of those meme “midget representations.” We are just joking, we love you Hamlinz, and this concept is probably one of the best ones with the Dr. Lupo one, primarily because of the notorious piggy with sunglasses logo.

Ariana Grande by @D3NNI_yt

NickMercs by @TheFinalHoss

Lachlan by @IlayKeidar

That’s all, folks. We hope you enjoy watching these skins too, and may we may hopefully anticipate them in the actual game, Fortnite.

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