Fortnite: Open 5 Rare Chests or Supply Llamas – Cameo vs. Chic

While Llamas can spawn everywhere across the map, Rare Chests in Fortnite tend to breed at an already existing chest spawn. That gives us a chance to locate the rare chests easier and complete today’s Fortnite challenge. What this challenge requires is to do is open 5 Rare chests or Supply Llamas.

The best guide would be to jump into a team rumble game and open five Llamas. But if you want to shuffle it out and kill the boredom, we’ll post all of the rare chests locations so that you could do your best and land exactly there.

In the image below, we’ll mark the rare chest locations and where approximately they may spawn. Some of the sites below have multiple rare chest spawns, so we would suggest you roam for a bit and try to designate the rare chest by the sound. Good luck on finding one!

Just a reminder, because this challenge is a conditional between Llama and Rare Chests, you may want to adopt the more straightforward approach and put yourself in a Team Rumble for a couple of matches. Some Llamas spawn over there, and they’re somewhat more common than the Rare Chests Spawns in an ordinary game.

Have a beautiful day in Fortnite, everyone!

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