Fortnite: Visit Different Food Trucks – Remedy Vs. Toxin Mission

Diving into Overtime!

If you are aware of the recent change in Fortnite, the termination of the Winterfest event has brought a new mission full of challenges to entertain the players until the arrival of the new season. For the entry of the Overtime challenges, we have prepared guides to make and help you find some of the needed locations given within the obstacles. For today, “Visit Different Food Trucks” is the challenge we’ll cope with.

Where to visit different food trucks is the very first challenge of the Remedy vs. Toxin missions, and it requires players to visit various locations across the Fortnite island. The Food Trucks, as usual, are scattered at hidden spots alongside the whole map. Therefore, as always, we’ll provide a map image with all of the locations pinned.

Fortnite Food Trucks Locations

Without further ado, let’s take a look at where precisely the Food Trucks are located. There are three of them, and all of them should be visited, without exception.

  • One of the three food trucks is located on the northern side of the map, close to Pleasant Park. North of Pleasant Park close to the beginning of the Snow patches, you’ll notice the Durr Burger Food Truck.
  • The second Food Truck is located next to Salty Springs. Just south of it, you can find the Fork Knife food truck.
  • The third Food Truck is North of Lazy Lake, also known as the Tilted Towers of Fortnite Chapter 2.

To confirm all of the locations above and ease it for you all, you can take a look at the picture below:

If you have anything to add to this guide, make sure you do so in the comments section below. For now, we can conclude this guide as successful. Have a beautiful day in Fortnite!

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