Game Piracy – The Next Level of Video Game Marketing?

A while ago, a video game developer published his game on Steam. Steam, known as the best digital reselling platform, tends to do its job correctly and inspire and support individuals (indie developers) to publish their game on what is the best possible reselling platform. But in most cases, those games suffer from inadequate exposure, as their releases are not followed by mandatory and strategic marketing at all.

For that reason, we have a story in which an indie developer explains how he managed to raise his title on the market. His video game, a top-down shooter, Danger Gazers, released on the 2nd of January 2020, was having a rough time getting exposed, leading to a small number of purchases.

Shota Babokhizdze, the developer, has later decided to upload a torrent, with the free version of the game on The Pirate Bay, which played a crucial role in the promotion. Description minified, it was the full version of the game without the authentic Steam features. You get everything the game has, except for the friends. In return, buying the game to support the streamer

Shortly after, support has started arriving, with the game becoming an instant purchase to supporters around the world. Some of the game’s most recent reviews on Steam claim that the game has become an immediate purchase shortly after the developer has decided to upload the full version of the game on The Pirate Bay.

Dev shared a torrent of the game so those who can’t buy the game for XY reason can play it.

Instant purchase for me.

As for the game, its fun from what I have played so far. Happy to support the studio.

“I grew up pretty much in a situation where piracy was the only solution and way to obtain newly released software,” Bobokhidze said to Polygon. He also noted that the Danger Gazers’ sale has increased by 400%.

Could this become the next strategic marketing for games that do not perform, or, are not as exposed as some Triple-A titles? Honesty goes a long way, unlike the ego, and we’ve just learned that in the best possible way.

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