Grand Theft Auto 5 Has Arrived to Xbox Game Pass

Shortly ago, Rockstar Games has announced together with Xbox that GTA 5 is arriving at Xbox Game Pass. That makes the title available for anyone with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. Sadly, the PC version of Xbox Game Pass won’t include the game, and the 2013 open-world AAA title by Rockstar Games has only enriched the Xbox repository.

Everyone who has an active Xbox Game Pass subscription will not only be able to play GTA 5 but will also have access to GTA Online, which allows players to relive the open-world in multiplayer.

The announcement came from the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter profile, presenting the news live:

GTA 5 goes live in the service today, which is a huge endorsement and somewhat a must-have title. The top-grossing AAA  game, which crushed many records, is still noticing a vast number of players thanks to its never-ending GTA Online game mode.

In GTA Online, not only Rockstar Games develops content but also encourages players to step into the thriving world with other human beings. Having streaming services emerging, Xbox Game Pass would probably be Microsoft’s key to victory and aggressive approach.

This is due to the reason that many other companies are dwelling on jumping into the game streaming services. So, having this type of access on a reach to player’s hands would presumably mean a win for Microsoft. Clinching these types of deals will put the Xbox Game Pass on a solid track, and may also combine it with the upcoming xCloud streaming service.

Xbox Game Pass is something incredible for the fans, as it’s quite promising for those with a shallow wallet. Being affordable and cheap, this may be the right moment to jump onto the Xbox Game Pass subscription method and grab yourself a substantial GTA 5 gameplay experience.

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