Leak Says The Reboot of Prince of Persia Will Be a PS5 Exclusive

Prince of Persia, or to be precise, the reboot of Prince of Persia is most probably going to be an exclusive part of Sony’s next-gen console PlayStation 5. This was leaked in a Reddit thread, in which the user TomorrowSubtle, without further identification, claims that Prince of Persia will get a reboot.

The leaked information also claims that the title was destined to be revealed at this year’s E3, at which Sony has expressed their absence. Therefore, Prince of Persia will be revealed on other events in which Sony is listed as a participant.

As per the statement by the Reddit user:

It will be a reboot of the series and a PS5 timed exclusive. Last I heard, it was set to be announced at E3 2020 and released as a launch title in November but with Sony changing plans it might get announced at one of their events. The remastered Sands of Time trilogy will be available for free as a Season Pass bonus, although I’m not 100% sure about this. Yuri Lowenthal is reprising his role as the Prince. The wall run system has been revamped and greatly improved. Some puzzles and stages will feature a mix of horizontal and vertical wall run gameplay. There will also be a few familiar faces making special appearences, can’t say who (will explain in the comments if somebody asks).

The user does not encourage beliefs, and it is all that he is viable to say at this moment.

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