New Fortnite Leak Claims Steamy Stacks’ Power Plant Could Explode

Epic Games may repeat the Chernobyl Disaster, but in Fortnite

Radiation exposure? God, please no. It seems that Epic Games might be replicating Chernobyl’s destiny but inside Fortnite. A recent leak has exposed a possible nuclear reactor malfunction, leading to an explosion. If the core exploded too, which did according to the leak, the residents would have to evacuate the area. Or, in video games such as Fortnite, it may add up to the already present “storm” mechanic.

Fortnite is currently on the doorstep of Season 2, Chapter 2. As we’re getting closer to the timestamp of release, it’s reasonable to encounter some stellar leaks, imbuing of the impossible. Not only Steamy Stacks, but the fan-favorite Slurpy Swamp may also notice some changes. However, before we jump to a conclusion, let’s take a look at the leak and analyze it carefully.

The leak has first appeared on 4chan, which was unavoidable by some known Fortnite data miners. Please take a look at it below, posted by ShiinaBR on Twitter.

According to the leak itself, it showcases two blurry images on the left side featuring the main characters (skins) of Fortnite Chapter 2, including the whole map with blurred POI of Steamy Stacks and Slurpy Swamp. If we were up to judge, we have rewound all of the trailers released during Chapter 2, Season 1. We haven’t seen any image close to it. Plus, the 8-Ball skin is among the featured ones, while in the pictures above, there’s a blond girl skin that I cannot recall of.

Now, if we combine all of the analysis above, this may indeed be a word of a reliable leak. While the blurry images may be a product of montage, Steamy Stacks and Slurpy Swamp are in-fact the most eligible POIs that could tie up to an uninterrupted continuation of the story. The substance in Slurpy Swamp and the Nuclear Power Plant is what the unfolding story could rely on, or they could tie in a worldwide live event.

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