Pokemon Go Fest Live Events in 2019 Increased Tourism, Total of $250 Million in Tourism Revenue

Trainers, Niantic announced that the three live Pokemon Go Fest events were great events for Niantic, Pokemon Go, and the cities in which these events were held.

In 2019 there were four Pokemon Go live and paid events held in different parts of the world:

  • Chicago Go Fest
  • Dortmund Go Fest
  • Yokohama Go Fest
  • The Montreal Safari Zone event

and these events drove an estimated $250 million in tourism revenue as reported by Niantic Labs on their official website. In addition, you can see the numbers below.

Pokemon Go Fest Chicago

  • 64,000 attendees
  • $120 million in tourism revenue

Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund

  • 85,000 attendees
  • $60 million in tourism revenue

Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama

  • 150,000 attendees
  • ~$100 million in tourism revenue

Pokemon Go Montreal Safari Zone

  • 39,000 attendees
  • ~$40 million in tourism revenue

Over the years, collaborating with city officials and local governments have been instrumental in hosting our large-scale real world events. We’re excited to also share that each of these real world events has a true positive impact on the locations we host them, bringing players from around the world together to explore and experience these unique cities. In 2019 alone, the three events hosted in Chicago, Montréal, and Dortmund combined for an estimated $249M in tourism revenue. Along with overall increased tourism for the cities, each event saw substantial attendance, significant distance walked and more.

They also announced three new live events in 2020, the Safari Zone events, two in the US and one in the UK.

2020 started great for Niantic and Pokemon Go and we expect to see even more events, new Generation Pokemon, shiny Pokemon and cool stuff for the Pokemon Go community.

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