Where to Watch Valve’s Dota 2 The International 9 True Sight Documentary

Valve’s True Sight documentary is almost here to crown us with the best events from the International 9 finals. True Sight is Valve’s documentary series about the biggest Dota 2 competitive event. A moment to relive the passion and excitement between OG and Liquid, the two best Dota 2 teams in the world. A game of conquerors, full of surprises and commentary from behind the scenes.

Despite knowing the outcome of the event itself and the winner of TI9, this documentary plunges the viewers straight into the action, making them feel as close as the players did throughout the finals. OG has managed to win against Liquid, and we’re about to witness that from their perspective.

The “True Sight” documentary premieres today at 7 PM CET in Berlin (30 minutes from now), but it will also be broadcasted on multiple services across the globe. Twitch is the central repository where the Premiere will be broadcasted, while later, YouTube will probably be the best source to watch and replay the excitement.

Without further ado, at the top of this article, you will be able to watch the embed video, which is directly from the premiere. Once the premiere begins, the video will start, showcasing the best but also heartbreaking moments from Dota 2’s TI 9 finals.

Witnessing the players and their reactions in the heat of battle would be accommodating, and the uncensored piece of the puzzle probably the most exciting part of the series. OG had the upper hand, and we’ll finally see how they managed to break Liquid’s psychology, the culprit to complete dominance over them.

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