WoW: Ny’alotha, The Walking City Raid World First Race is Live

World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth is currently breathing its last oxygen, the latest 8.3 patch, awaking N’zoth from the depths of the world. For a whole week, after the patch was released, famous Guilds across the globe have been farming BiS items on Heroic difficulty, doing alt runs, and more to prepare for this day — all of that for only one thing: the World First Title. Just a week later, today’s reset brings the Mythic difficulty online, as Ny’alotha, The Walking City will be the zone to keep us eye-peeled and entertained until we witness the defeat of N’zoth.

Who will be the first guild to achieve the World First Title? At this moment, US guilds are waiting for the reset to be completed so that they could tackle Mythic Ny’alotha, The Walking City’s content. This high-end instance brings high-end items and rewards, and each drop will contribute to more robust performance.

Currently, “Limit” from the United States is waiting for the reset to be completed. They’re eager to jump into the raid with full power, as in the last couple of raids, they’ve been struggling to climb to the top and win the World First Race. For the record, this will be their first World First after being signed by Complexity Gaming. They also have a day advantage over EU, which in some manner should be more comfortable, but hasn’t been the case in the previous BFA Raids as well.

The EU guild, Method, which is one of the most successful guilds, has managed to achieve the World First Title, 3 times in Battle For Azeroth only. If we concede the last raid in Legion “Antorus, The Burning Throne,” that would add up to 4 World First achievements in just two years. Their kick-off will be one day later, on Wednesday, when the EU reset triggers.

Method, even if they’re one day later, will be hosting the full event on their official Twitch Channel. Method’s Livestream is already started with a substantial number of casters, well-known to the WoW fanbase.

If you’re eager to see when the World First Race kicks off, check Twitch’s WoW Repository.

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