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Android To Allow Users to Play Their Games Before The Download Completes?

Probably the most intriguing piece of innovation to be followed at this moment would be the mobile gaming industry, which popularity has grown for quite a lot over the past couple of years. Everyone wants to get a hold of hardware that’s eligible for playing some entertainment software while on the go. Hence, it is a reason why it has become such a widespread phenomenon. Without further ado, let’s jump to the main writing.

Google has started submitting patches to the Linux Kernel to enable support of an Incremental File System. The main reason, as already explained and pulled by the very same importance of the gaming industry on the mobile platform, is to allow the players who want to play their favorite game a fast boot time. How exactly?

The way this is going to work will be similar to let’s say what Blizzard already has in their launcher. Let’s take World of Warcraft for an example. Once you start downloading, you need only the main assets to begin playing the game. Once started playing, the download will continue in the background, and on each trigger point, or loading screen gaming-wise said, each of the missing but already downloaded resources will load.

According to AndroidCentral:

  • Google has been spotted submitting patches to the Linux kernel to support an Incremental File System.
  • In the documentation, it references the ability to run apps before they have fully downloaded.
  • The Incremental File System could be used to allow users to start playing a large game while they wait for it to finish downloading.

As phones get more powerful, this technology will probably become a reality very soon. Google’s Android 11 might be the final destination for this feature to arrive. We have to eliminate the skeptics and hope that this advancement will reach all Android devices.

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