Apex Legends Season 4 Details – Gameplay Trailer Included

Time to escort Season 3 out of the meeting.

Apex Legends, the futuristic Battle Royale, is slowly advancing to a brand new season. Season 3 was entertaining the players for such a long time, but it is time to see the game advances to Season 4. The upcoming content on the other side, a distinction between certainty and surprises, will have to wait some period until its discovered. But what exactly is Respawn Entertainment planning to update?

Well, it seems that the developer is ready to introduce the players to the underlying changes. Season 4 is here to bring an altered terrain (or new map), new skins (purchasable cosmetics as well), and other surprises scattered alongside the list.

Map Changes

The trailer showcased also says something about the new map, with the most advanced technology provided by Hammond Robotics. It is supposed to be a game changed, quoting the words from the trailer. To take a look at all the map changes, make sure you visit Respawn’s official blog post about it. It also contains more info about the new Planet Harvester.

New Battle Pass

Together with Season 4, there will be a completely new Battle Pass to enrich the gameplay experience and offer bountiful rewards to the players.

New Legend

There is also new legend inbound and will arrive as soon as the new season arrives. Named Revenant, it’s pretty much not the friendly personality. Apex Legends’ Season 4 is probably the best upcoming season, as observed by fans across the globe. One of its abilities will be able to climb steep walls and buildings, which may be the next favorite ability in the game.

We’re still working on the leaks and surprises, so make sure you visit this a little later.

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