Below is Coming to PlayStation 4 this Spring

CapyGames has just published a trailer about BELOW, and its arrival to PlayStation 4. A refreshing dungeon crawler that is coming to PlayStation 4, with a brand new mode called EXPLORE. Judging by the description, it appears that the Explore mode is primarily for players who appreciate discovery the most.

According to the developer, EXPLORE mode features the following:

EXPLORE Mode features these changes to BELOW’s core rules:

  • Reduced Survival Mechanics: No Hunger or Thirst.
  • Traps, Damage & Death: No instant kills + All damage depletes player Health slowly through bleeding, giving players a chance to recover.
  • Permanent Bonfire Checkpoints: Checkpoints can always be returned to after death, allowing players to continue progressing more in-depth into the underworld.

Aside from the release on PS4, the Explore Mode will also arrive on the Xbox One and Steam.

David Goodwin

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