Escape From Tarkov’s Next Wipe Is Around 5 Months Away

Escape From Tarkov is far away from a wipe at this point in the timeline. Despite its recent success, the developer has decided to settle things slower than usual. Thus, the postpone period for the next wipe is somewhere after five months. In the two most recent podcasts, it was discovered the next wipe isn’t just a needle in a haystack. This means the developers are working on a slew of changes and upgrades, including the new Streets of Tarkov terrain.

Throughout a wipe, all of the active accounts, especially those of the more skilled players in the game tend to reach over 100 million if not billion rubles easily, without any control over it. Now, driven by other multiplayer games that have currency and balance, none of them have finished well in the long-term, simply because it gets caught by inflation when there’s no balance, and the economy more likely to be destroyed.

Luckily for BSG, the game doesn’t represent the final product, and that pretty much means the wipes are the game’s only breather. Asking multiple experienced players will answer you the same. But as time progresses, it gets easier for the developers. Their work and passion are away from a termination point. Working on a military sim of this level is merely the purest thing we (the fans) could get, and we’re grateful for it.

We understand that in Escape From Tarkov, the ammunition is the only thing players care for, and it is the most viable part of sensible gameplay. Long duration fights are less likely to occur, only because every player is running meta builds at this point. Delete or be deleted. It’s the current slogan of the game.

Even the most experienced are sometimes victims to high armor-pen bullets, which again, are hard to acquire during the early stages of a wipe, but are a must at the later stage. This is probably the most bothering factor about Escape From Tarkov.

Another thing wipe counters thoroughly are the market flips done by high-level players. If you’re not aware, senior players have opened the traders to the maximum level having the possibility to purchase ammo and sell it on the flea market by twice the amount. It pretty much allows them to print money on each stock reset. This usually causes frustration and vagueness amongst newcomers. The rich get richer indeed.

Therefore, waiting for five months without a special event hosted by BSG wouldn’t be the best option. It will tear the excitements down, and Escape From Tarkov will lose its snowball momentum.

Presumably, there will be concrete info about the next wipe in some of the upcoming BSG podcasts, so stay tuned for more!

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