Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2: Second Day Of Teasers Inbound

If you are aware of the new awakening of Epic Games, they’ve started posting teasers of what’s to come to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 2. The previous day was closed with four teasers, with the last one discovering a face, what could potentially be a signature skin for the Second Season of Chapter 2.

Today, the sensation continues, with a fresh tweet by @FortniteGame on Twitter that it’s the first of the series for this day.

What we see, the teaser above has some connections to engineering, which could also bring back the “black hole” dynamite — the throwable, which was probably among the most powerful ones alongside the C4, back in the days.

The second teaser reveals something exciting. It looks like an explosive gas can for sure. But what about the blurred thing? What could that imply of? You can take a look at the second teaser for today below:

The third leak is here, and it looks like a submarine or a tornado? It reminds me of Red Alert 2 for some reason and I do not know why. Maybe it’s a nuke schemed to put the island to shatters. There’s one whole day left until we see what exactly emerges in the Fortnite world.

For more info, stay tuned, as we’re going to post each of the teasers here, and try to realize what else is coming to the game. Unlike yesterday, this wasn’t a staged tease, so we suppose there will be multiple items teased today, that will arrive in Fortnite in Season 2. Therefore, see you a bit later!

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