Fortnite Season 2: Deadpool Week 2 Challenges Leak

It appears that Deadpool will drive us all crazy. I was joking. How are you, Fortnite fans doing today? It seems that the official Deadpool Challenges for week two have arrived. But… in a leaked form. We’ll get to know them a lot earlier than we first believed in, so we’ll also have to do some guides to help you with them.

Now that Deadpool is in the mix and is a secret part of the Battle Pass for Season 2 of Chapter 2, we’ll have to complete his challenges to unlock his skin. Yes, there’s no other way around to getting the Deadpool skin except to obey by the instructions. Not only that, but he’s also supposed to arrive combined with the amazing-looking swords (pickaxe).

But, before we continue talking nonsense about Deadpool, let’s take a look at the leaked challenges below.

Deadpool Week 2 Challenges

  • Find Deadpool’s Milk carton
  • Find Deadpool’s Chimichangas around HQ

Therefore, as similar to the previous week, these challenges seem to adopt the same way of accomplishing. All we have to do is navigate around the HQ, which is Fortnite’s main menu to complete the challenge.

Unlike others, we’ll release the guides at the exact time when the challenges will go live.

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