Horizon Zero Dawn Coming to PC Soon?

It seems that after three years, we'll finally get Horizon Zero Dawn to PC

It appears that Horizon Zero Dawn may be coming to the PC very soon. First of all, a listing has been spotted on Amazon, showing Horizon Zero Dawn is about to tackle the PC platform. However, those listings may sometimes be off the hook, but could also have a truthful factor.

The PS4 exclusive, at least as known so far, might unveil a PC version throughout this week. After three years of existence, wouldn’t it be a bit too late for such a release? The developers at Guerilla Games have not discovered anything regarding the listing on Amazon France.

Horizon Zero Dawn was such a refreshing title to play in an era of AAA releases. Its narrative was just perfect, and if players were to pick between titles, Horizon Zero Dawn was always a favorite, although PC players weren’t a part of the initial shuffle.

Previously, a leak has discovered a potential outbreak of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PC platform. The leak was first stated by a Russian gamer named Anton Logvinov. Is this a reality or just another myth that’s going to be forgotten?

The claims have stated that Horizon Zero Dawn will be available in February 2020, which may be the case why a PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn appeared on Amazon. Therefore, fans theorize that an official announcement could be bound to arrival throughout this week’s timeline.

Will there be a Horizon Zero Dawn for PC? Remains to be seen, but we’ll surely update this article if something related arises.

Angel Kicevski

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