March 2020 PS Plus Games Leaked, Sims 4 Among Them

Caution! It appears that there has been some breach this morning. Info that reveals and excites the PlayStation players has arrived on our doorstep. That would be because of the recent indications of upcoming PS Plus Games for March 2020, which are basically for free. Recent leak points out that we may have Sonic Forces, alongside other exciting video games.

The leak was first posted on Reddit within an image containing all of the essential video games that are bound to be a part of PS Plus for March 2020. The first source of this leak was coming from GRYOnline, a Polish gaming website that posted the games in a banner at the very top of the page.

[Rumour] [Image] PS Plus March 2020: Shadow of the Colossus & Sonic Forces from PS4

The image pretty much shows Sonic Forces, alongside Sims 4. Shadow of the Colossus, which surprising factor has hit the whole world, but also the BioShock Collection, which seems like just the right addition for a successful monthly compilation. Last but not least, Firewall Zero Hour.

To clarify this, don’t get too excited about the announced titles above, simply because they may be wrong since they’ve only been noticed on the Polish website. To confirm if they’re the original titles that are going to be included in this month’s offer, we’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer.

Just a reminder, PS Plus is a subscription service that offers a variety of free games for only a monthly fee.

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